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How To BE Discrimination In Japan or Nessei Export China

While exports to China, their products must be certified CCC
CCC certificate is a certificate of compliance with the requirements of safety and quality for many products entering the Chinese market. The certification
required to be done under Order No. 5-2002 of the General Quarantine, inspection and monitoring of the quality of China (AQSIQ). According to the joint statement of AQSIQ No. 33-2001 and Accreditation and certification Bureau of China (CNCA) in this field, there are 19 groups of products are required to be certified and marked the CCC, including wire and cable , power tools, household electrical appliances, information technology equipment, medical ... this provision takes effect from the date of 01/05/2002. This is a combination of two mechanisms inspection mandatory for Chinese products (mechanism quarantine and inspection mechanisms goods imports) with the same method. CCC mark is a form replace the old seal CCIB and CCEE used to test two mechanisms mentioned above.
So, when you order Nessei, you notice about the way they write. Here, Mightway introduce about writing Nessei product is manufactured in Japan and the product code when exporting to China .From there, you will know which products are made ​​in China or Japan Map your way through suppliers offer.
日本 国内 型号: Product code used in Japan
CCC 认证 品 型号: Code rate products exported to China
型号: Product Code
电机 部分: engine parts (append certain parts such as lead, ...
轴径: diameter
轴 配置: the direction of the axis
减速 比: transmission rate
相 数: T (3 phase), S (1-phase)
容量: capacity
任选: optional
辅助 符号: special requests
规格 符号: special specifications
电压 频率 voltage (N: 220, W: 380V: for type 3 phase
接线 盒: splice
* Note: If the products are manufactured in China, the specifications of the product will not be written as below