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How to choose suitable electric motor Motor

When you buy motor should first pay attention to horse power (capacity) of the motor, which is very important, the greater the capacity of the motor is not the time to use that term as a high performance but low power if selected sometimes can not be used so the selection is very important. In addition to the capacity also to check the surface of the motor, see if there are cracks in the surface or not, if yes then this motor show poor quality, should not the same be checked mua.Cuoi ventilated area and axle engaged normally not effective lubrication is appropriate, if not appropriate after purchase will appear on a number of issues when motor movement, so when buying a motor you should determine lubrication was complete.
      When you buy motor should be aware of these problems, only then can choose to be a good quality motor fit the requirements of your motor, gear box, best quality, cheapest in Vietnam male