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Mitsubishi gearmotor

Thời Hạn Có Hiệu Lực : 15-01-2016
Số Lượng Cung Ứng : 1000
Xuất Xứ : Japan

About Mitsubishi Electric
In the last 85 years of history, Mitsubishi Electric is committed to cutting-edge technology and specialized in research and development activities, and on this basis, engage in high-performance products and equipment systems for the development and produce. Mitsubishi Electric has long been built up its global network of companies, research institutions and Manufacturing as a single entity as the business unit and technical information provided by the information, first-class products in all sectors of play an important role.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation:

MITSUBISHI gear motor, products with small size, low noise, high-performance characteristics such as product range, power from 25W-37KW, reduction ratio ranging from 1/3-1/2400, products, house common, house-drop type, anticorrosive house, house explosion proof, dust-proof outdoor waterproof type, the product is widely used to shift the machinery, food machinery, lifting machinery, printing machinery, semiconductors, machinery, metal working machinery, medical machinery, civil engineering machinery and woodworking machinery industry.

MITSUBISHI SUPER LINE MOTOR motor, the product has anti-drop protection type SB-JR, the whole block with external fan beam Mitsubishi Electric SF-JR, with brake Mitsubishi Electric SF-JRB, Mitsubishi Electric inverter type-specific SF-HRCA, security by anti- burst-type Mitsubishi Electric AF-SHR, pressure explosion-proof type Mitsubishi Electric XF-NE, high-efficiency energy-saving SF-HR-based Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Electric using special environment such as SF-JRO model.

Mitsubishi Electric (Mitsubishi Electric)-Mitsubishi reducer (Mitsubishi reducer)
Mitsubishi reducer (Mitsubishi reducer) GM-S-type 0.1-2.2KW, 1/3-1/1200
Mitsubishi reducer GM-D-type 0.4-7.5KW, 1/3-1/1200
Mitsubishi reducer GM-LJ-type 3.7-37KW, 1/3-1/120
Mitsubishi reducer (Mitsubishi reducer) GM-J Type 25-90W, 1/3-1/2400
Mitsubishi reducer orthogonal axes: GM-SY GM-HY2 GM-DY
Mitsubishi reducer (Mitsubishi reducer) with rectifier: GV-S, GV-HY2

Related machinery: gear motor brake with ST-D.MT
LCM, LCV-B Overload warning device

(Mitsubishi Clutch)
Mitsubishi Electric Magnetic Clutches Tension Controller
(Mitsubishi magnetic clutch)
Mitsubishi magnetic clutch ZKG type ZKB Type ZA type

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