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RS Attachment Chain-tsubaki

Thời Hạn Có Hiệu Lực : 24-01-2016
Số Lượng Cung Ứng : 1000
Xuất Xứ : China
Tsubakimoto Chain Co. is the world's premiere manufacturer and developer of power transmission products, with strong market positions in premium-quality chains (ANSI (RS) & (BS) British standard roller chain, engineering chain, conveyor chain, motorcycle chain, various special application chains), power transmission units and components (including reducers, linear actuators, clutches), and automotive timing chain drive systems used to drive camshafts in auto engines. Tsubakimoto Chain is also a leader in the development and production of factory automation systems, physical distribution systems, and electronic control devices. Tsubakimoto Chain operates factories worldwide and its network of sales subsidiaries and affiliates markets its products in more than 70 nations.

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